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Symmetry VR is a Virtual Reality application for SketchUp 2018. Use your Windows Mixed Reality or HTC Headsets to view, revise and validate your SketchUp models in a 360 spherical VR environment.
Symmetry VR supports SU Podium artificial point lights, material bump maps and most light fixtures from Podium Browser.  
Symmetry VR is Windows Only.

When you order the free Symmetry VR trial, an email with the will be sent to you. Also the 30 day free trial license will be included in the email.

Alternatively, go to Symmetry VR web page and scroll down to the Download Trial version.

The file includes three files:
1. SYMMETRY_VR_1_0_0_Setup.exe - this is the installation file for the trial.
2. SYMMETRY_SketchUp2018_Plugin_1_0_0_Setup.exe - this is the SketchUp 2018 extension
3. Read Me.docx - a short Word document that reviews account activation. You will need the Symmetry trial license to open a Symmetry Cloud account.

Additional Requirements:
Head mounted display - Symmetry requires a supported VR headset; these include the HTC Vive, Vive Pro, and Windows Mixed Reality HMDs (such Samsung Odyssey and headsets from Acer and many manufacturers).
Graphics Card - Symmetry is powered by Unity engine, and VR content requires a mid-to-high range graphics card for smooth frame rates. Recommend NVIDIA GTX 1070 and higher.

Symmetry Docs: Please see the Symmetry VR manual for installation instructions and usage information.

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